My Ride Rock Hill to Implement Proposed Route Changes in April
April 13, 2023

Starting on April 17, 2023, My Ride will implement several route changes proposed during previous public comment periods. These changes have been made to serve the Transit Hub relocation to University Center, serve additional areas on the existing routes, and improve system efficiency, prioritizing the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Stops impacted by the changes are marked with an orange ribbon.

The Transit Hub is moving from Laurel Street to Deck B in University Center located on West White Street, with restrooms for both passengers and drivers.

Route 1, the Downtown Loop, will expand from a 30-minute route to 1 hour. The bus will depart from the Transit Hub at the top of each hour to simplify transfers to the other routes.

The route will extend to Millwood Plaza on Herlong Ave via Ebenezer Road and India Hook Road, adding stops along the way. There will be a new stop at Charlotte Avenue & North Avenue right behind EarthFare. This will make stores and shops more accessible to Winthrop University students and Downtown Rock Hill residents. The stops along Oakland Avenue will shift to Charlotte Avenue.

Route 2, the Saluda/Heckle Loop, will gain new stops along Crawford Road, Friedheim Road and Ogden Road. The route will also extend down Cherry Road to Finley Road, with a new stop near Westover Circle and the York Avenue stop shifting to Finley Road. These additions will make bus service more accessible in residential areas for Route 2.

Route 3, the Cherry/Riverwalk Line, will have several important changes in place to avoid traffic near I-77 and help ensure the safety of riders while waiting at their stops. The stop at Walmart Neighborhood Market on Cherry Road is moving to Dorchester Avenue with a bus shelter. New stops will be added on Bose Avenue and Deas Street to serve the Catawba Terrace neighborhood. The outbound stop at Cherry Park will shift to the corner of Deas Street and Cherry Road to accommodate that route change.

To avoid traffic on Cherry Road near I-77 the route will divert to Eden Terrace via Patriot Parkway, bypassing that stretch near the interstate. The inbound stop at Cherry Road/Patriot Parkway near CookOut will move to Patriot Parkway. The stop on Cherry Road @ Faith Boulevard near PetSmart will move to Marburg Lane near Lidl.

Route 4, the Dave Lyle/Galleria Line, will have a few adjustments. The temporary stop (T1131) at Target will become a permanent stop and will relocate to the Springsteen Road entrance. The outbound stop at White Street Park and Ride will move to Dave Lyle Boulevard near White Street. The stop on Confederate Avenue @ Willowbrook Avenue will move to Dave Lyle Boulevard near Willowbrook Avenue outbound. The stop will move to Willowbrook Avenue near the Dave Lyle intersection on the inbound route.

These route adjustments will also impact schedule timing. Starting April 17, passengers are encouraged to check the updated schedule on the mobile app and website and arrive to their stop five minutes early.

My Ride Rock Hill offers bus service Monday through Saturday from 7 AM – 7 PM. For more information on specific routes and stops, visit, download the mobile app My Ride Rock Hill, and follow us on social media @MyRideRockHill.